Community Cable Television serving:

South Orange:
     Cablevision:     Channel 19 (P/E/G)
     Verizon FiOS: Channel 44 (P/E/G)
     Comcast:          Channel 35 (P/E/G)
     Verizon FiOS: Channel 24 (G)
South Orange/Maplewood:
     Verizon FiOS: Channel 22 (P/E)

The Letters P/E/G represent the type of programming presented:
P = Public, E = Education, G = Government

Archived Shows can be found at: here.

SOMAtv and the Columbia Cable Network (CCN) is the 24/7 cable television information source for residents of South Orange.

Programming Includes:

  • Official meetings broadcast from South Orange Village Hall,
        Maplewood Municipal Building and the Board of Education headquarters
  • Original programming highlighting community leaders and personalities
  • Bulletin Board listings of upcoming events
        CLICK HERE: Active Bulletin Board Items
  • Student produced school news and human interest features

  • Production studios are located at Columbia High School and South Orange Middle School. Remote equipment is available to record local events.

    Active Bulletin Board Items

    Monthly Programs:

    To see times and dates for these shows Click Here and SEARCH for show name

  • Meet the Artist
    Local visual and performing artists are featured.
  • Community Corner
    Learn more about what's going on in our communities...
  • Meet the Mayor
    Monthly meetings with Mayor Vic DeLuca keep us up on Maplewood matters.
  • Progress Report
    Village President Doug Newman and his guests discuss South Orange community issues.
  • Career Corner
    Learn how to cope with the ever changing work environment with host, Heather Swift.
  • Books In Action
    Everything to do with books and reading.
  • Education Roundtable
  • Nostalgia Alley
  • and much more!